Mansion Sunday – November 6th

October 16th, 2016
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Mansion Sunday, November 6th, is a special day, set aside in conjunction with “National Orphan Sunday,” that specifically focuses on Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

While a few of the children at TCM are orphans, in the truest sense, many of them could be referred to as “social orphans,” in that one or both of their parents may be alive but are no longer fulfilling their parental duties (e.g., drug addicts who are separated from their children with little chance of reunion, parents who are sick or abusive or who—for other reasons—have abandoned or largely neglected their children).

twitterprofileTupelo Children’s Mansion is “pure religion” in action, the fulfillment of James 1:27—becoming the hands of God to the most vulnerable of our society, the fatherless.

It really is amazing how much God cares for orphans. The Lord said to His people in Jeremiah 7:6- 7, “If you do not oppress the fatherless…then I will let you live in this place, in the land I gave your forefathers.” God was letting us know that if we want to keep our “Promise Land” privileges, we need to take care of the orphans. Evidently, God took this very seriously.

Since this is such a big deal to God, I’m asking you to consider making Mansion Sunday a big deal at your church. On November 6th, or on another Sunday in November, please do three things: 1) Inspire your congregation with the “pure religion” mission of the Mansion, 2) Pray for the children and the staff, and 3) Receive a special offering to bless the work at TCM.

God’s plan for us is to see the need, hear the call and open our arms. That’s what Mansion Sunday is all about—taking a designated time to pause in the rush of our lives to help make a difference in the life of a child.

Please join with supporters across North America and feature Mansion Sunday on November 4th. Send you designated offering to Mansion Sunday, PO Box 167, Tupelo, MS 38802, or donate online at


This Made My Day!

June 9th, 2015


In celebration of her 79th birthday, look what this Mansion supporter did…



Everyone’s A Winner!

June 7th, 2015


I couldn’t be prouder of our four Bible Quiz teams this year. They all competed yesterday in the Mississippi District Finals in Jackson, and performed excellently. We had two teams in the Senior Intermediate level, and also a Junior and Beginne11393086_10204542494664757_9170011334259606309_nr team.

Our TCM 1 Intermediate Level team placed 3rd in the competition. Congratulations to Jackson (FPC) and Columbia (Woodlawn) for placing 1st and 2nd, and advancing to the North American Bible Quiz Tournament to be held in Oklahoma City. To show how competitive our quizzers were, they actually defeated the 1st place Jackson (FPC) team in one of the matches yesterday.

10422269_10204541440798411_3775371158241032624_nConsidering the fact that all of our teams were 1st-year teams, our quizzers were amazing. Although we did not win the district tournament, the most important thing is that our young people memorized 100’s of Scriptures and have hidden that Word in their hearts. It is an old cliche, but it is true that “everyone wins in Bible Quizzing!”

There are so many benefits that come with Bible Quizzing, In addition to learning the Word of God and nurturing a closer relationship with God, the participants learn new study habits and disciplines and have opportunities to meet other students at various events and tournaments.


Camillia Garrett and Gabrielle Slagle made the All-Tournament Team!

We’ll be back next year! After taking a break from study for a few months, TCM will continue to be involved in this great ministry!



Fun Run Day…10K…$81,089.39!

June 4th, 2015


10What a day! The weather was perfect for our 7th Annual Mansion Fun Run. All of the children and staff participated in the run and we enjoyed a cookout and games under the pavilion and on the athletic field.

Some walked, some jogged and some ran. As for me, I did some of all three! But I managed to get in 10K for a cause that I’m very passionate about. These children are certainly worth going the extra mile for!

What really matters is not how far we ran or how fast we did it in. The important thing is that so far we have raised $81,089.39! Our goal was $62,000…a thousand dollars for each year of TCM’s existence.

Thanks to 3all of you who sponsored! You put us over the top! We couldn’t have done it without you.

And, just in case you17 haven’t gotten in on the fun yet, you can still make a donation to this campaign. The online giving opportunity will remain on our website for a few more days. So hurry and help us go even higher and upward…toward $90,000!!!

16Giving online to TCM has never been easier. Just click on the following link to support the Fun Run! For a donation of $50 or more, you’ll get a free T-Shirt that you can proudly wear, showing that you are a supporter of the Mansion.




We did it!

May 25th, 2015


We’ve Exceeded our Goal! Let’s go the Extra Mile!

Thanks to all who have helped us not only reach our goal of $62,000, but to exceed our goal with $65.767! Fundraising-Thermometer-Goal-Reached-850x600

But we’re not done and the sponsorships are still coming in! Let’s go the extra mile and continue raising funds for Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

In just a few days, we will be running with the Mansion Kids and staff members in a private field-day and picnic event, with games, blow-ups and a lot of fun activities.

It’s not too late to join with as a sponsor! Who knows how much more we can raise as we raise the bar higher than ever before! $70,000? $80,000?WE-DID-IT

Will you help us make a difference in more precious lives? Several new children have just arrived, little boys and girls who had not other place to go for the desperate help they needed.

If you can give $50 or more, you’ll receive a Tupelo Children’s Mansion T-shirt that you can wear to show your support for the Mansion. Be sure and let us know your T-Shirt size in the donation form below, or include it with your donation if you choose to use the postal service.

You can give online, or you can MAIL your donation to:  TCM Fun Run, PO Box 167, Tupelo, MS 38802