July 11th, 2014



I was as in Memphis yesterday for a referral appointment at Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute, fully expecting that back surgery would be recommended. I have suffered with severe pain for months, to the point that I have pretty much given up golf (and even stopped after a few holes), going to the gym, lifting luggage by myself, etc. Even riding in a car was a killer. Lately, I have not been able to help our maintenance staff with any work, even painting! There were days when I couldn’t tie my own shoes and could barely walk. Pain meds didn’t phase it. Frequent chiropractic treatments and traction machines only gave temporary relief.

Here’s the great news! Yesterday, the surgeon in Memphis showed me the MRI scan and told me that my back was in perfect condition and that most 61-year-old men would love to have my back! He said that I didn’t need surgery because there was nothing to fix, and that I didn’t need him anymore.

After struggling to explain why I have had so much pain, he looked somewhat bewildered and referred me to a chronic pain management specialist in the same clinic. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord has completely straightened my back with a creative miracle and is now giving me a “second touch” of healing for the pain. As of today, my back is feeling fabulous, without even a single pain pill. In fact, I’m heading to the hotel fitness center right now for a good walk. And, I’m believing that I won’t have to keep the pain management appointment in August.

I am quite sure this miracle of healing began on June 16th (my birthday), during our 3rd Monday Prayer Service at the Mansion, when the children and staff gathered around me, anointed me with oil, laid hands on me, and prayed in Jesus’ name! Don’t ever underestimate the prayer of faith by a little child! I feel like I’ve gotten my life back, and I’m giving all the glory to God!



July 9th, 2014


A precious young lady came to the Mansion right before Christmas last year. She was not abused in the typical sense, but she was terribly unhappy and not functioning well within her home. She was the second oldest of six children, three of which had been adopted by the family. Sherry is a beautiful young lady who has won our hearts with her sweet disposition and gentle spirit.

She didn’t have a strong Christian background upon arrival, but we are happy to report that she was recently baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Just a few months ago, Sherry was inconsolable after reading a letter from home. As she read the letter, she began to cry and begged us to not to send her home. She went on to explain that she has never been hap4ColorLogopier than she is now, since coming to the Mansion. “Everyone loves me here, and they treat me with such kindness,” she said.

We found out in therapy that Sherry’s story is even more tragic than we knew initially. Prior to adoption at an extremely young age, Sherry had been “sold” for sex with men by her biological mother. She often has nightmares of these horrific experiences.

If you saw Sherry today, you would never imagine that this was her past life. She smiles at everyone and is always willing to give a hug to her “sisters” and other female staff members. She is shy and a little self conscious, but is so endearing and sweet that you simply cannot fathom her being abused in such a sinister manner.

For the first time in her life, she is doing well in school, and we are so pleased with the progress she has made, both academically and emotionally, while being in our care.

Please pray for Sherry and other young people and children just like her. I can’t imagine where Sherry would be today if we had not reached out to her when she needed us the most.

You can help make it possible for other boys or girls to have a loving and caring home, and to overcome the past problems in their lives while reaching for their full potential. Would you ask the Lord if He would lead you to reach out and help His work among these children?

To support TCM with a special offering, go to, or mail your check to TCM, PO Box 167, Tupelo, MS 38802.




July 8th, 2014


I just returned home from a trip and found this note on my desk, along with a generous donation for the Mansion:

My 22-year-old daughter-in-law arrived at the Mansion soon after she was born. If it wasn’t for TCM, who knows where she would be today?

Now, she and our son-in-law have blessed us with two beautiful granddaughters!

Thank you, TCM!



July 3rd, 2014


A mother came up to Erma and me last night at the Louisiana campmeeting, overjoyed with the positive difference that Tupelo Children’s Mansion had on her daughter while she was in our Haven of Hope Girls’ Home.

She is now doing wonderful and excelling academically. She is living for God and has a bright future!

Over and over again, this mother told us how much she appreciated what TCM has done for her daughter and their family. She said, “You all have saved our family!”

This is what it’s all about!

For all of you that support the Mansion and pray for this work, you are an integral part of this this success story! Thank you for making it happen!



June 10th, 2014


In the last several days, we have received numerous placement calls at Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Some of the situations are more urgent than others and require immediate, emergency placement.

This type of situation occurred just a few days ago, and we welcomed two new children to our home this week. These children came because their parents can no longer care for them. Their father has severe dementia and their mother has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing aggressive treatment. These treatments leave her so weak and depleted, that she just cannot offer the parental care and nurture that these children need. We have already fallen in love with these bright, beautiful, energetic children and are so happy that we can be here during their time of need.

Another young lady will arrive in a few days. She will be returning for a second time. This doesn’t often happen, but when it does, we welcome them with open arms. This young lady desperately needs TCM and without immediate placement, she will be destitute. She graduated from our Haven of Hope program a year or so ago and felt confident that she could return home. But sadly, that has not been the case. The emotional baggage and trauma that she carries will most likely leave a permanent mark on her life. All that we can do is love her, encourage her to graduate, and to put her past behind her. She is a precious, young lady who needs our help and we are giving it, without hesitation.

By giving to TCM, you are taking part in each child’s rescue. A child should never have to live in fear or shame or go to school hungry. They should always have the opportunity to live each and every day with hope that they can have a better life than the one into which they were born. You help to make that possible.

Will you pray about responding with a financial gift so we can continue to help young people like these mentioned? More and more children are calling to us. Each of them in need of a loving home, a good education, and a Christian environment where they can grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Whatever you can do will be appreciated so very much and will help to defray the summer-time expenses of caring for the children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing with us as we trust the Lord to do great and mighty works, together.

To support TCM with a special offering, go to, or mail your check to TCM, PO Box 167, Tupelo, MS 38802.