October 14th, 2014


Mansion Sunday, November 2nd, will be a special day, set aside in conjunction with “National Orphan Sunday,” that specifically focuses on Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

Tupelo Children’s Mansion is the “pure religion” of James 1:27—tending to the needs of the most vulnerable of our society, the fatherless.

God really does care for orphans. The Lord said to His people in Jeremiah 7:6-7, “If you do not oppress the fatherless…then I will let you live in this place, in the land I gave your forefathers.” God was letting us know that if we want to keep our “Promise Land” privileges, we need to take care of the orphans. Evidently, God took this very seriously.

Since this is such a big deal to God, I’m asking you to consider making Mansion Sunday a big deal at your church. On November 2nd, please do three things:

1) Inspire your congregation with the “pure religion” mission of the Mansion,
2) Pray for the children and the staff, and
3) Receive a special offering to bless the work at TCM.

God’s plan for us is to see the need, hear the call and open our arms. That’s what Mansion Sunday is all about—taking a designated time to pause, in the rush of our lives, to help make a difference in the lives of children coming from a hard places.

Please join with churches across North America and feature Mansion Sunday on November 2nd. For more information about Tupelo Children’s Mansion, go to

Sincere thanks on behalf of our Mansion Kids!


The Mission is Challenging, but the Reward is Immeasurable!

September 28th, 2014

By Stephen Judd

One of the most fulfilling roles at Tupelo Children’s Mansion is to serve as a houseparent. Yes, it’s hard work, but so rewarding!

Houseparents provide healthy, happy and nurturing home environments for our children at the Mansion, and are responsible for teaching social and independent living skills, as well as providing assistance with homework, self-esteem building, and spiritual and moral


–      Love for children

–      Single or married

–      21 years of age

–      High school diploma (more education preferred but not required)

–      Child care, parenting or mentoring experience

–      Of good reputation and Christian character


–      Includes salary, housing and other benefits.

IO8A2541Are you ready to answer the call, or would someone you know be interested in joining us in this special mission?

Both short term (12 -24 months) and longer term houseparenting opportunities for service are available.

For more information or an employment application, visit, or contact





September 9th, 2014


Leaving the CORE (Coalition for Residential Education) Conference – hosted by the acclaimed Milton Hershey School (and children’s home) of Hershey, PA – greatly challenged and inspired. Can’t wait to adaptively implement many of the ideas and best practices shared by the presenters. After 61 years of existence, TCM still doesn’t have it all figured out (and never will); but we can do better! I found the following workshops extremely relevant and most valuable: Training and Developing Residential Staff; Sexual Behavior Problems in Children and Adolescents; and, Emerging Trends in Campus Safety and Security.



September 2nd, 2014


Many friends and supporters of Tupelo Children’s Mansion remember their deceased loved ones with a Living Memorial Gift in their honor. An acknowledgment card is sent to the family.HansfordMontgomery

For more information on how you can leave a lasting legacy in honor of a loved one, please contact Sonya Laughlin, Administrative Director, at, or by calling 662.791.7705.

Click the following link to see a listing of recent Living Memorial Gifts…





August 23rd, 2014


It is a precious thing when children want to be a part of blessing the children at the Mansion.
Here are several recent examples:

Isabella (on the left) from Clearwater, FL, told her mother that if she would take her to see Tupelo Children’s Mansion, she would not ask for anything else for her birthday this year, or next year. During her visit, Isabella wanted to know when she could get an application to work at TCM. (Her cousin, Tahlea, is pictured on the right.)

2014_08_06_17_23_10_0001-2Children from North Little Rock had a “boys vs. girls” contest during VBS to raise money for the Mansion. If the boys won, Tiffany Martin would take a pie in the face. If the girls won, Mark Bailey would take the punishment. The girls won by a landslide.

2014_08_11_19_23_17_0001A young lady from Mt. Vernon, Missouri had a desire to do a fundraiser for TCM. The result was a children’s car wash after a Sunday service, and an offering of $251.00.

Three siblings just arrived as new TCM residents from Gainesville, FL. One of our social workers, Tommy Delbridge, was bringing them to Tupelo and the oldest girl shared with him how that when I was preaching at their church a few months ago, that people in the congregation started getting out of their seats and taking offerings to the altar for TCM. Then the oldest recalled that she took all of the money she had, totally $60.00, and took it up to the front because she knew the children at the Mansion would need it. Then her sister spoke up and mentioned that she was given $5.00 to go out and eat with after church, but decided to give it to TCM instead.

Little did they know at the time that the sacrificial offerings they had given that night would actually be providing for their needs