18 New Children

We have had 18 new children—seven boys and 11 girls—come to the Mansion so far this year, most of them in the past three months. Another girl was accepted last week and will be arriving in a few days. In the seven years that Erma and I have been at TCMM, this is the most rapid growth we have seen—about one new placement per week. We’re not sure why this is happening now, but we are definitely getting more inquiries and placements than ever before. As you can imagine, many adjustments are being made as quickly as possible to accommodate this escalation in enrollment. Jim Mekash, our Physical Plant Manager, and his crew of dedicated workers have been working extra hard to complete some renovations to SFC Hall, one of our girls' dorms. We are getting ready to begin a complete remodeling of Townhouse Residence Hall, on the boys' side of the campus. We weren't really prepared for this many placements this quickly, with the varous projects underway and our current number of houseparents. But in reviewing the applications, Erma and our staff just did not feel that we could turn any of them away. They seem to be children that we will be able to help in a significant way and will benefit greatly from our program. Everyday, precious children are being profoundly blessed through this ministry. It is so thrilling to see God doing a real work in their lives as they discover significance in life and a genuine hope for the future. I'm asking you to pray especially for our staff at this time that God will will give us special wisdom and strength in meeting the challenges that are presently before us.