A Father’s Day Tribute

By Margo Burton Special Assistant On June 19, 2011, we will be celebrating Father’s Day, a day where we will be honoring Fathers who have been great examples to their children. Fathers who have provided their families with everything that they ever needed or wanted. Some people may be celebrating love for their fathers for all that they have done for them through the years. Cards will be sent, gifts will be given, and poems will be written about favorite Dads. This blog is a tribute and a thank you to a special group of Fathers who have been Residential Mentors and Relief Mentors to the children at Tupelo Children’s Mansion. These men are a unique group who have dedicated a portion of their lives or even half of their lifetime to help shape the futures of children who did not have a father to teach them to fish, tie a tie, pray at the altar or “act like a lady”. It is interesting to note that Father’s Day was started when a woman by the name of, Grace Golden Clayton, wanted to honor 210 miners who lost their lives in the Monongah Mining disaster in Monongah, West Virginia. The men that we are honoring today have not lost their lives, but the children at TCM have either lost a father through neglect, abuse, or death. These Residential Mentors and Relief Mentors have sacrificed their time and families to help children live a better life. Today we want to say Thank You from all of the children and staff at Tupelo Children’s Mansion.