A Sacrifice That Will Have a Special Name

By Margo Burton Special Assistant It is always amazing to hear that people want to give of their time and money to help the Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Once again, a church family decided to bless the children at the Mansion by taking up an offering that would benefit the campus in a certain area. The Pentecostal Lighthouse in Jarrell, TX pastored by Rev. Richard Fliehs, came last weekend to bless the Mansion with $2,500 to go towards fencing/backstop for the new basketball court. So that the children would not just see the fencing or hear a name, the Fliehs took time to come to campus and join in on a campus picnic with all of the children. It will mean more to the children now to know that this special church not only raised the money to help them have nice facilities, but also took the time to personally bring the money to Tupelo. A great time was had by all at the picnic. The Fleihs family played softball and volleyball with the children. Not only will the children remember the church in Jarrell, Texas, but they will remember how a great family drove hundreds of miles to spend time with them. Thank you Pentecostal Lighthouse, we will always remember you. We are so grateful for your sacrifice.