A Season of Giving Thanks!

BY ANNETTE TOMLINSON SPONSOR RELATIONS COORDINATOR The Tupelo trees have started to change from their spring and summer green to reds, yellows, and brown. The chilly breath of fall has come with beautiful golden pumpkins to remind us that spring and summer have past and winter is just around the corner. With the changing of seasons, comes the hustle and bustle of TCM life as we in Sponsor Relations begin the preparation of Christmas! This is always a special time for us as we are once again blessed by the many churches, sponsors, and businesses from around the globe who will help to ensure that each of the children have beautifully wrapped gifts for Christmas morning.

Fall foliage in Chambers' Courtyard

With the soon arrival of Thanksgiving, we will say an extra prayer of blessing to all of those who sacrifice to give to the children, despite the tough economic times that our nation currently faces. Tupelo Children’s Mansion loves and appreciates all of our supporters and no act of kindness goes unnoticed. As one teenage girl coined it last year...
This was the best Thanksgiving of my life because of people who don’t even know me, when it seems the rest of the world has cast me aside.
It is a season for giving thanks, and we are truly grateful!