A Victim of a Dysfunctional Family

During our recent Executive Board Meeting on August 21st, T. F. Tenney was asked to open the session with a devotion. Bro. Tenney has been associated with the Mansion for 55 years and continues to serve as an Executive Board Member and Chairman of the TCMM Budget Committee. As always, Bro. Tenney's message to us was timely and relevant. He speaks of Benjamin, the last born son of Jacob, as being the victim of a dysfunctional family and likens his story with that of the children who come to the Mansion, often times with some unexpected cups and baggage that they didn't ask for. He spoke from Genesis 44:34 - "For how shall I go up to my father if the lad is not with me?" He insisted that "the Mansion is not an institution having function without mission, and our mission is to see that the children are brought to the feet of our heavenly Father." To view Bro. Tenney's brief three minute message, click on the following link... http://www.tcmm.org/mediaplayer/playeropener.asp?id=1317&cid=129 We just received three little girls, ages 6, 7, and 9. In my next blog, I'll write about these precious siblings who are now safe and sheltered in our arms. Please say a prayer for them before you go to bed tonight.