Angels In Overalls

By Melvin Raab Director of Physical Plant The staff in the maintenance department at the Tupelo Children’s Mansion is so thankful for those who have come to help us in 2010.  We have had several couples that have given of their time and resources to help with projects on the campus.  What a blessing they have been to us! Rev. Ivor Reuter and his wife came from Spencer, Iowa where he pastored and had an automotive business until he retired. He is a master mechanic and has been keeping busy traveling around the country helping those in need of his services. They spent several weeks with us repairing and servicing several of the vehicles last year which saved us a lot of money. Every time I use air tools I am thankful for the air connections he installed in the maintenance shop. Cliff and Gayla Royer came from DeQuincy, Louisiana. They arrived with a trailer full of tools last summer and worked from sunrise to sunset on several projects, one in which was completing the pool house. Gayla Royer was all over the Mansion campus where you would find her painting, painting, and painting. I heard about this couple before ever meeting them and the half had only been told. When the whirlwind of this dynamic duo subsided, I stood in awe of all that was accomplished by this great couple. Rev. Richard and Sis. Lucas, missionaries to Japan, spent several days with us while they were in Mississippi on deputation. They spent their time organizing and cleaning the shop. Bro. Lucas fixed our old mechanic creeper and bought us a brand new deluxe model from NAPA as well. Rev. Larry Sims and his wife came from Tallahassee, Florida. They have been a very faithful couple over the years, working on several large projects. He and his wife donated a 40’ x 50’ steel building which he plans to have erected in the spring of 2011. So much more could be said about each one of these wonderful couples, but I believe you can see as I do the value of these wonderful men and women of God that have fulfilled such a great service in the Kingdom by helping us at the Tupelo Children’s Mansion. God Bless them for their sacrifice.