Bragging Rights

Melvin Raab Director of Physical Plant It is Saturday morning, the sun and the boys of the Mansion are up, and they are ready to go to Elvis Presley Lake. As we load the vehicles with all the necessary things for the day, the boys start bragging about how many and how big a fish they’re going to catch before we even leave the parking lot. Elvis Presley Lake is not very far from the Mansion, and it is a great lake to go fishing and tubing. The boat is hooked up to the truck, and the boys gather around it to ask questions like how fast it will go and if they can be the first one on the tube or in the boat. Some of the boys had never been tubing or even rode in a boat before, but by the end of the day they were going to have some bragging rights. When we get to the lake, the boys work as fast as they can to get everything unloaded so they can fish, swim, and go tubing. Jon Odum, one of the house fathers, starts the fire and begins to cook as the boys help for a nanosecond to get everything in place for the picnic.
Now the fun begins!
The boat is in the water and life jackets are put on. Two excited boys climb onto the tube, couple more into the boat, and away we go around the lake. Before the sun goes down, every boy gets his chance to ride in the boat or go tubing. I found it humorous that they wanted to go as fast as the boat could go across the water, and not one of them asked me to slow down; we have some real brave hombres! They would laugh as they talked among themselves about how long they lasted on the tube, how fast they were going, and how they looked when they tumbled off into the water. We all had a great time, and by the end of the day, the boys had some stories to tell about their day at Elvis Presley Lake. Some of these boys definitely had some bragging rights!