Corporate Teams Backing Mansion 5K!


A growing number of local businesses in Tupelo are sponsoring TCM children running – along with several hundred other runners – in the Mansion 5K this Saturday.

Check out some exciting video clips at the following link…

  • Team Coca Cola
  • Team Somerville Tie Company
  • Team Anytime Fitness
  • Team Golden Living Center
  • Team O’Charley’s
  • Team Papa Johns
  • Team Wizard 106
  • Team Dr. Mincy
  • Team Walmart – The A Team
  • Team Newk’s

It’s not too late to join one of these teams sponsoring the children, or to support the President’s “Extra Mile” Run! Go to…

Overall Mansion 5K Goal: $100,000.00!

Special “thanks” to all who have already pledged or donated online, or mailed in a contribution!

Stephen Judd
TCM President