Dorcas Ladies Doing What They do Best

BY SONYA LAUGHLIN The Tupelo Insider Contributor 04-21-09-ADorcas stands out in the Bible as a woman of good works and charitable deeds. Dorcas proved herself to be a real “doer” of the Word of God, not just a mere “hearer”.  What is significant about the account of her life is that Dorcas not only thought up ways of relieving the needy, but she also carried out her plans. She knew what she could do and she DID it! Among her charitable deeds was making clothes for widows and the needy of her church community with her own hands. She was not only willing to give money to a cause, but she was willing to invest herself in the works of kindness. 04-21-09-BEach year, Tupelo Children’s Mansion is blessed to have between 10-15 ladies of the Dorcas Ministry of the Louisiana District UPCI, under the direction of Gloria Chatagnier,  travel to the Mansion to make various items of need. This year they reupholstered dining chairs, couches, and love seats. They basically “outfitted” an entire boys’ dorm that is being refurbishing with money raised from our Phone-a-thon. They also made aprons for our kitchen staff and the girls involved in the mentoring program, supplied many various clothing needs for our growing population of children and also made monogrammed blankets for all of our children. The list goes on and on. These precious ladies have been traveling to Tupelo for 16 years now. Many of them sponsor our children and have developed lasting relationships and are truly invested in the lives of these children. We are so very grateful for their burden, sacrifice and genuine “Dorcas” love that they bestow upon us every year. Sonya Laughlin is the Executive Secretary for Stephen Judd and Ken Burton 04-21-09-D