Fun in the Snow!

1531901_10204128979848883_3172891108025459507_n BY STEPHEN JUDD

Tupelo experienced the biggest snow storm in many years on Wednesday. As much as nine inches accumulated in just a few hours. The road conditions were so bad that the mayor issued a curfew throughout the night. Our offices and school were dismissed early, primarily in order for the children to be able to fully enjoy this rare event in the deep south.

The Mansion Kids were amazed and enchanted with the snow. When they realized they didn't have the right type of gloves, they improvised by putting many pairs of socks on their hands. Since they did not have sleds, they used cardboard boxes or anything that could be found, including laundry baskets.1043875_10203895007277977_3518343280664752737_n11006378_10203895024198400_629178394912397579_n

The girls brought in bowls of snow and made snow-cones. They also made snow cream, which is basically snow and sweetened condensed milk.

Some of them, not realizing how quickly snow melts and wanting a memento, tried to bring snow balls inside and display them on the shelves in their rooms. Needless to say, that didn't work out well.

The cutest thing was when our four-year-old, Austin, kept yelling over and over, "It's Christmas! It's Christmas! When are we getting our presents?  It's Christmas!"

The girls kept trying to explain to him that Christmas wasn't possible, that it was just Valentine's Day. But his response was to continue to declare in disbelief, "Merry Christmas. I love Christmas!"