I am writing to you concerning a very urgent need that we are currently facing. 

One of my responsibilities as Executive Director is to oversee the housing needs for our dedicated staff members. 

TCM not only provides housing for the children in our care, but we also provide on-campus housing to most of our staff members and their families. 

Two of the mobile homes on our property are very old, and one of them has deteriorated to the point that it is no longer habitable. 

Historically, these multi-purpose homes have served as dwellings for our staff families, for single staff members, and have also served as smaller resident halls for our children. Obviously, these homes are vital to our operation at TCM. 

We desperately need to replace one of these two dwellings as soon as possible. The Tupelo City Planning Committee just granted us special permission to replace these homes, and so we have both a need and an opportunity to act at this time. 

We really need to replace both of them, but we are asking for your help to replace one of them now at a cost of $145,000. As you can imagine, the cost of mobile homes has increased dramatically over the past 18 months. The beautiful home we are looking at has over 2,000 square feet, two living areas, four bedrooms and three baths. It will accommodate a large family, four staff ladies, or nine residents and houseparents. 

Would you please prayerfully consider how you can help us with this urgent need? 

If we receive more from this appeal than the amount needed, any additional giving will go toward the cost of the other needed home, or for caring for the children. 

The Mansion children are very grateful for your expressions of love to them. One of our little girls said to us last week, with a big smile on her face, “I love it here. I feel safe now. The Mansion is the best place I’ve ever been.” 

You have shown us time and time again just how much you love this ministry and the children in need at Tupelo Children's Mansion. 

Once again, I am asking for your help. 

Will you please send a donation today in response to this urgent appeal? 

Our love and prayers are with you! Thanks for helping us with this immediate need. Thanks for doing all that you can do.


     Erma Judd
     Executive Director


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