Current Appeal

A little girl, loved by her mother, experienced what she thought was the worst tragedy imaginable when her mother passed away from cancer. Little did she know that the worst was yet to come.
Her Dad remarried, and the little girl, Suzy, found that she wasn’t welcome in the new home.

Dad allowed his new wife to solely raise Suzy, while he continued to be an emotionally absent parent. From the beginning of the marriage, the stepmother found Suzy to be a burden. She would make up stories about Suzy’s behavior, and then harshly discipline Suzy while Dad turned a blind eye.

Suzy would routinely be locked in her room by a deadbolt located on the outside of the door for days at a time. Without food to eat, all Suzy had for nourishment was water from her bathroom sink. When Dad wasn’t home, the stepmother’s abuse escalated. For days at a time, Suzy would be confined to the garage where she slept on a dog mat without food to eat, fresh clothes to wear, or water in which to bathe.

Through a random Internet search, the stepmom found Tupelo Children’s Mansion. She told Suzy that she was being sent to a prison because that is where animals belonged. That night as Suzy prepared to leave all that she had ever known, she climbed into the back of her father’s pickup, gazed at the stars, and prayed to a God she didn’t know to either help her or let her die.
She received the Holy Ghost, excelled in school, and became a vital part of the youth group.

After arriving at TCM, Suzy, who had a sweet, gentle personality, blossomed.

Suzy’s stepmother meant to punish her, but God heard Suzy’s cry and rewrote the rest of her story. A random Internet search for a prison produced a new life filled with untold blessings, food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof overhead, and the joy of a Holy Ghost filled life.

During the next few weeks, you can expect to receive a call from one of our staff members regarding our phoneathon fund-raising campaign.

Our phoneathon this year is to provide the necessary funding for re-roofing six of our dormitories. We have patched the roofs time and time again, replaced a lot of worn-out shingles and repaired interior ceilings for as long as we can, but the time has come when the roofing must be completely replaced.

Again, I am asking you to prayerfully consider helping us with this year’s phoneathon with a special love offering to help pay for this big maintenance project.

Some of our children are truly homeless, or trying to survive without a roof over their heads, when they finally discover a refuge at the Mansion.

Thank God we are here to provide them with the shelter that they so desperately need, as well as food, clothing, an education that is second to none and a loving home environment.

If you would like, you can send in your phoneathon offering ahead of time. You don’t have to wait for our call. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Again, thank you for allowing your heart to be touched by this need and for considering a phoneathon donation in support of this urgent appeal.

On behalf of Suzy and the children,

Stephen Judd,
President and CEO
**Suzy is not the child’s real name, nor is she pictured**