Birthday parties, a trip to the zoo, a Happy Meal at McDonalds - these are the staples of many children. Clean sheets, soft pajamas—these are things most children take for granted.

But not for Mia. She’d never had any of those things.

When she arrived at Tupelo Children’s Mansion, she came with cuts, burns, and a head full of lice. Her first trip with us was to the doctor to get her wounds treated.

But things have changed since that first day when she arrived.

Recently a sponsor took all of the Mansion children on a day trip to the Memphis Zoo.  After a fun day racing from animal to animal with excitement, the girls in Mia’s residence hall were expressing their excitement as they reminisced about their experience. Awed that their lunch meal was a buffet, and that they were allowed to consume as much ice cream as they could eat.

They took turns telling their favorite part of the day. When Mia’s turn came, she said, “I’ve always loved wolves; I never dreamed I’d actually get to see one. But the best part of the whole day was when the sponsor told me “This day is for YOU, because you are special, and you deserve it.”

With meekness she stated, “Nobody has ever told me I was special before, but today I felt like maybe I’m not worthless after all.”

The zoo was exciting. The food was amazing. The ice cream was the stuff dreams are made of. But the love—it was priceless.

For the past 19 years, Erma and I have been eyewitnesses to the healing and transformation that takes place in these precious lives as they are offered help and hope through the love of Jesus Christ.  It makes every effort worthwhile to see them grow up to lead useful and productive lives.

This Christmas, as you consider how best to honor Christ with your giving, would you consider Mia and the other children?

Your gift enables us to provide a warm bed, hot meals, clean clothes, and loving care to the abused, abandoned and neglected children who are counting on us.

The 83 children in our care, with more on the way, have been saved from the pain and suffering of their former lives.

By the time this letter reaches you, we could have upwards of 85-90 children in residence. We have cared for nearly 150 children this year!

I’m writing this urgent Christmas appeal letter because there are more children waiting for a safe, loving home. A child who is afraid, abused, and crying out for help.

For the sake of that child, I’m turning to you now.

Your Christmas gift will make it possible for that aching child to come in out of the cold, into our warm and loving home.

Warmest regards,

Stephen Judd
President & CEO

P.S. Believe me, the more generous you can be, the more we’ll be able to do, and the faster we’ll be able to help these children.

(Mia is not the girl’s real name, nor is she pictured.)

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