Just a few minutes before writing this letter, I approved five more girls to come live at the Mansion. Even though we are nearing full capacity, how can I say “no”? I was moved with emotion and wept as I read the heartbreaking stories and saw the photos of these children. The Mansion’s residential number continues to grow. We will soon have 60-plus children in our care. Calls are received almost daily regarding the placement of even more children in need. A dozen applications are awaiting a reply. The placement of these children hinges upon the funds we will receive over the next few days and weeks. This is why this year-end appeal is so urgent. A new girl recently arrived on our campus and introduced herself by saying, “Hello, my name is Larissa and I’m hard to love.” Evidently Larissa had been told that repeatedly before coming to the Mansion. And she believed it. Larissa frequently asks her housemother if she can stay at TCM even though she knows that she is hard to love. Her housemother responded by assuring her that she was not hard to love, but rather very easy to love! And that we love her and God loves her! Larissa is actually one of the most loving children we have, and her heart is very tender toward God. How can we not provide a refuge for this precious little one? Over recent months, the Lord has equipped us to care for these children by sending godly, capable staff to assist in this ministry. And we need more help. Currently, we have a job opportunity available for another housemother. The bottom line is that with the growth we have had in our population of residents as well as the needed caregivers, our operational expenses are increasing. Obviously, we have a lot more mouths to feed and more houseparents and teachers to pay. As this year ends, I am reaching out to you for financial support that we need in caring for the children that have been placed in our care, with hopes of being able to take in additional children who are seeking shelter here at the Mansion. I can assure you that your gift at this time would be appreciated very much.  Thank you for believing in this great cause. Please know that your support is making a difference in the lives of these precious children. Your investment in this ministry carries eternal dividends. Because of your generous giving we receive messages like this: “We never had much growing up. We were very poor and didn’t always live in a safe environment. We were shuffled from family member to family member. It was a hard life. I was often taken advantage of and carried a lot of shame. Thankfully, through a connection with a bus ministry, my siblings and I were brought to the Mansion. I found my purpose there. We were safe. We were sheltered. We were loved and cared for. With the Mansion’s help, I received my college degree. I am married now and I work alongside my husband in the ministry (UPCI). I am so thankful for everything that the staff and sponsors did for me. I still pray for them daily.”  Please let me hear from you by December 31, 2018. Your tax-deductible, year-end donation can also be given online at www.mansionkids.org. Sincerely, Stephen Judd President & CEO (Larissa is not the girl's real name.)

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