The number of children at the Mansion continues to grow. We currently have 90 children in our care. Calls are received almost daily regarding the placement of even more children in need.

A dozen applications are awaiting a reply. Even though we are nearing full capacity, how can I say “no”? I was moved with emotion and wept as I read the heartbreaking stories and saw the photos of these children.

The placement of these children hinges upon the funds we will receive over the next few days and weeks. This is why this year-end appeal is so urgent.

Because of your generous giving, we receive messages like this:

“I want to say that Tupelo Children's Mansion saved my life and made me into the young man I am today. I was at the Mansion for six years. These were the greatest and most influential years of my life. So many people impacted my life and simply changed it for the better. TCM isn't just a children's home and a temporary holding place for kids; it's one of the most loving places anywhere. The mentors there pour their hearts into the children and make them feel like they are really worth something. I could write a book about my fond memories while in Tupelo. I love you Bro. and Sis. Judd! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you guys do for the children and staff. You have impacted so many lives. Thanks for everything you did for me while I was at TCM!"

"In 2013, TCM became my home. I came to TCM hurt, broken and with nothing. I never knew God cared about me, and I had never experienced true love before. TCM taught me how to love Jesus, others and myself. They have blessed me with everything that I have. TCM saved my life. The staff loved me unconditionally, even when I didn’t love myself. THANK YOU to all of the staff and people who poured themselves into my life at the Mansion. My housemother, Rosalee Odum, impacted my life more than she will ever know. I am so grateful for the Judds. They are a Godly example to all of the children at TCM. Tupelo Children’s Mansion saves lives. God does love me. I love myself now. I am not broken. I am strong. Thank you TCM!”

Please pray for all of our former residents and the children who are currently at the Mansion, that good things will continue to happen in their lives.

As we close out 2019, I appeal to you one more time to consider sending a year-end offering to help us meet our financial needs in caring for the children.

I can assure you that your gift at this time would be appreciated very much.

Thank you for believing in this great cause. Please know that your support is making a difference in the lives of many precious children.


Stephen Judd
President & CEO

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