The pace of life used to be much slower, especially for a child. In comparison to a few decades ago, where a child’s chief concern was wondering how they might find a ride to the arcade, now an eleven year old finds themselves concerned with social media attention, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, obsessing over mature music content, and even how they might obtain recreational drugs in order to please their peers.

It seems surreal, but the statistics about this newest generation are staggering. Life truly feels like a race to children and it feels impossible to keep the pace society is demanding. Children feel the pressure and the stress of meeting impossible standards, and information and advertisements seemingly swirl around them as they try to decipher what to do and who to be. Society sparks a breakneck pace, demanding children keep up with “them”, but it’s just not possible.

In the midst of this pressure, some children stumble. In the midst of what the world is screaming at them, they find themselves wanting to quit because there is no way they will ever be able to complete the path set before them. In the midst of the race, a parent might drop the child they were blessed with because, yes, even adults are affected by the taunts of this world.

In these moments of desperation, with hurry swirling around, with chaos glued to their everydays, with their future uncertain… in that moment when the race stops for a child - this is the moment that Tupelo Children’s Mansion steps in.

We are hosting our 14th annual TCM Fun Run because we are determined to show the children who call the Mansion “home” that it is not about how you start the race, but it’s about how you finish it.

The start of their race might have been full of neglect, abuse, and emotional turmoil. The start of their race might have been full of poor choices and life-altering consequences, but we are running to show them that in spite of their past, they have a future covered by grace and a new hope fueled by love.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 this year! While this is a groundbreaking goal, we are so excited because we know that with your prayers and support, we can reach this goal! We know that you are just as committed to showing the children of TCM that their race is worth running. It’s not a race the world designs, for that race will surely leave them feeling lost, tired, and alone. It’s a heavenly race that the Father has designed for them - a race of endurance, purpose, and sure promises.

We run to show them that ending their life isn’t their only option. We run to show them that there are people that love them and believe in them. We run to care for the forgotten. We run to heal the broken. We run to show the persistence of the Savior, running to the lost. We run to show them that it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.

Will you give to support this cause today? Run with us.

With all our strength,

Kalee Bernard
TCM Director of Promotions

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