Seventeen-year-old Asha is a beautiful young lady who is full of life and light! She is in the twelfth grade, and her teachers describe her as an excellent student. Jennifer Lawrence, who serves as our Director of Education said, “Asha loves school. In my classes, she is motivated to learn and always asks questions to go deeper into the content. She is not satisfied with being mediocre. She strives to be better.” 

Kalley Olson, Asha’s housemother, said, “Asha is helpful, bubbly, and funny! She’s a joy to have in our hall.”  Asha’s hobbies include reading, knitting, cooking, and playing games.

Asha, along with her eleven senior classmates, will graduate from our on-campus school in May. Asha loves being with others and cares deeply about friendships. At this time, she is not sure which college she will be attending, but she is currently applying to several schools.

We are proud of this beautiful young lady, and we look forward to watching God do great things with her future!

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