Twelve-year-old Autumn Burks is a spunky little tomboy who is full of life! Autumn is all energy. She’s moving non-stop and loves to talk and giggle. Her outgoing nature and friendly disposition are helpful when new children arrive at the Mansion. Autumn is always one of the first girls to say hello and help new residents acclimate to their dorm environment. She loves helping with the younger children and is usually the first to lend a hand or take the time to play a board game with the little girls. At dinnertime, Autumn is a slightly picky eater, but she is opening up to trying new foods. Like most tweens, she loves candy, ice cream, cookies and cake! In the dorm, Autumn makes an effort to clean her room, make her bed and do a good job on her chores. She thrives on adult approval and works hard to do whatever she is asked. Autumn loves volleyball and spends hours outside learning how to improve her game. She’s excited for the season to begin in the next few months. In her spare time, Autumn loves to draw. She is creative, which shows up in her work. Since coming to the Mansion, Autumn has grown so much in the Lord. She loves the church services and is learning that Jesus loves her and has a plan for her life. Please continue to pray for this precious young lady.

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