Fourteen-year-old Chastity is a sweet young lady, who is grateful to be at the Mansion.

Chastity is a friendly, outgoing young lady who is kind and welcoming to all who know and meet her.  Chastity’s life has been filled with much adversity and struggle, but she is one of the most optimistic teenagers one could meet. Chastity has spina bifida, so she has to work much harder to do the things that she sees her friends doing. She walks with a brace or rides in her wheelchair. Despite those challenges, Chastity wears a smile and carries herself with grace and strength. She is a fighter. And through every situation, she thanks the Lord for his goodness.

When Chastity isn’t outside watching her friends play or tossing a ball back and forth from her chair, she spends time painting, coloring and drawing. She loves art. Chastity enjoys building LEGO sets, putting together puzzles and playing board games with her friends. Her friends describe her as “kind, considerate and sweet, a light to others.”

We are so honored to have the opportunity to make a difference in Chastity’s life, but each and every day, it feels like she’s also making a difference in ours!

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