Emmanuel is ten years old and in the third grade. Emmanuel is a black-haired, brown-eyed boy who strives to please everyone. He recently received a certificate for A/B honor roll. His teachers describe him as a well-mannered young man who gets along well with others and makes excellent grades. According to Emmanuel, his favorite subject is science because he loves to do hands-on experiments. 

Emmanuel is a tender-hearted little boy who is respectful and responsive in church. He brings his Bible to service and follows along with the message. He loves the Lord and says that he is learning to pray each night before bed. His best friend is Logan. Emmanuel says that Logan is a good friend to him and that he teaches him a lot about being a Christian. 

Emmanuel is an artistic young man who enjoys coloring, drawing, and painting. He loves to play board games and build Lego sets. When he is outside, he is all about basketball. He and his friends spend hours on end playing! Emmanuel loves living at TCM and is looking forward to attending junior camp! 

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