Fabian is an active young man who fills a space with his laughter. He is confident and bold. He loves people and has many friends. He is a newcomer to TCM but doing very well in our care.

Fabian loves to play basketball, ride bikes and hang out with his friends. He was recently blessed to go to the Memphis Zoo and he was like a little kid in a candy store, jumping up and down, running to see each new thing, so full of life and joy! He said, “It was cool to see the dancing polar bear and massive alligators.”

School is going well for Fabian. He’s a typical boy who loves the interaction with his teachers and peers, but admits that lunch is his favorite subject! Christmas is just around the corner. Fabian doesn’t yet have sponsors, but you are welcome to make a difference in his life. Call 662-842-6982 and ask for our Sponsor Relations Department.

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