Sponsor Jackson

Eleven-year-old Jackson is all boy. He loves to be outside riding his skateboard, playing ball and swinging on the swing set. The highlight of his summer was attending Mississippi Junior Camp. He loved the services and was usually one of the first to go to the altar for prayer. Jackson has a sincere and deep love for the Lord. When they weren’t in service, Jackson was outside on the water slides or playing basketball with the guys. Jackson is excited about starting the 6th grade! He’s an excellent student who loves to learn. In May, he ended the school year on Principal's Honor Roll. He earned the Math Whiz and the Spirit of the Word award for learning 268 Bible verses, including all of the book of Galatians and much of Hebrews. Jackson joined Bible Quizzing late in the season but ended strong, receiving numerous ribbons each month! We have seen much growth is Jackson’s life since he first came to the Mansion. According to his houseparents, “Jackson is a well behaved boy who will do whatever is asked of him. He is a real joy to have in the dorm.” You can become Jackson's monthly sponsor by completing the form below!