It’s hard to believe that Jackson has turned twelve-years-old! He recently celebrated his special day surrounded by his TCM family with an ice cream cake and some awesome birthday gifts. He was beaming with excitement and joy, and extremely grateful.

Jackson is nearing the close of  Bible Quizzing season and doing fantastic. He is great at interrupting the questions and usually earns a ribbon or two at each tournament. He says he loves to quiz because he already feels a calling on his life and thinks he will become a preacher when he grows up, so he believes he might need to know a lot about the Bible. This boy makes us smile and keeps our hearts happy.

When I asked Jackson what he likes about TCM, he said, “I love the staff and my sponsors, but mostly, I know God is going to find me a family while I’m here.” Jackson is currently available for adoption so he is truly trusting that the Lord has an incredible family out there for him. We are praying with him about his request.

As always, Jackson is doing excellent in school. He does well in all of his subjects but his favorites are science and history. The school bells will soon cease to ring and his summer days will be filled with attending Mississippi Junior Camp, playing basketball, swimming and riding bike with his buddies.

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