Sponsor Jayden

Jayden is an active 11-year-old boy who is thriving at Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

School comes fairly easy for Jayden. He’s a sharp young man who enjoys learning, and strives to work hard. Jayden’s hobbies include riding his bike and shooting hoops on the basketball court. He plays on the Junior Varsity team at school. Because he’s small, he finds it easy to get around the court. Jayden has no fear of his opponents, or of shooting the ball. He has the makings of a great player!

Jayden is also one of our Junior Bible Quizzers. Currently, he is memorizing the book of Acts and doing quite well. Jayden already has over 100 verses learned and he is working hard to not only understand this portion of the Word of God, but to live it out in his life.

We love Jayden and our staff is doing everything they can to help him heal from past hurts and face the future with bright aspiration.

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