Little Kaleb has our entire campus wrapped around his little fingers! He’s the epitome of delight and nothing but a joy to raise.

Kaleb eats only table food, but he doesn’t like his high chair. He wants to be a big boy and sit at the table like the rest of the girls in his dorm. His favorite foods are green beans, apples and chicken. He’s had a recent growth spurt. The doctor says he is in the 95th percentile in both height and weight. He now wears 2T clothing and a size 6 in shoes.

Kaleb likes to chatter and now says about fifteen words clearly, including doggy, apple, door, baby, Kaleb, shoe, balls and cup. He loves Elmo and Mickey Mouse. He loves to sing and dance and can do all of the motions to the baby shark song.  He loves the song “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as well as “Ring Around the Rosie” and will fall down at the ending. Among his hobbies are walking and running everywhere. He really wants to climb steps and is very independent. He loves to swing on the baby swing and be active on his riding toys.

Kaleb has now had two haircuts, and his hair continues to grow fast. He still takes a pacifier and is very attached. His houseparents are working towards weaning him from it. When he’s ready to go to bed at night, he crawls up in his house father’s lap and lays his head down on his shoulder, letting him know that he’s tired. Please continue to pray for Kaleb as God directs his future.