Mackenzie is a beautiful, bright-eyed little lady who is turning six this month! She just graduated from Kindergarten with all A’s and B’s. She is smart for her age (both book smart and social wit).

Her favorite word right now is “paleontologist,”  and that’s what she says she wants to be when she grows up. She loves to learn and does math problems for FUN.

She is an avid reader and is reading books way beyond her years.However, it’s not all about learning. Mackenzie is very much a little girl who knows how to have loads of fun.

She loves playing dress up, designing dough objects, and building with blocks and LEGOs.

Mackenzie is sassy but sweet and has a tender heart toward God. She loves church. She enjoys worshipping and loves to pray with her friends. As you can see, we adore this sweet girl. Please pray for her future.

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