Sponsor Natara


Fourteen-year-old Natara is a newcomer to Tupelo Children’s Mansion. She is accompanied by her brother Owen. They are adjusting very well to their new environment.

Natara is a sweet spirited young lady who smiles often. She’s in the ninth grade. According to her teachers, she is a well-behaved student who is striving to catch up on her studies.

Singing is something Natara enjoys doing. She loves doing art projects and playing board games with her sisters in the dorm. Natara is excited about Christmas break and looks forward to sleeping in a little later, eating lots of junk food and watching Christmas movies.

Attending church services is new to Natara, but she enjoys the worship and prayer time.

Natara recently stated,  “I am so happy to be at the Mansion with so many wonderful people!”

We are happy to have this beautiful young lady in our care, and we are excited about her future.

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