Sponsor Nevaeh


Nine-year-old Nevaeh is a beautiful little girl with a sweet disposition. She is quiet, shy and mild mannered. She keeps to herself and speaks only with kindness when she does talk and interact with others.

Nevaeh is a helpful child who seeks to please her housemother and teachers. She is always asking how she can help accomplish small tasks that will help make a difference wherever she is.

Playing outside is a favorite of Nevaeh’s. She loves to swing on the swingset and ride a bicycle. When she’s indoors, Nevaeh enjoys playing with dolls. She’s every bit of nine and gets lost in a world of make believe.

Nevaeh is in the third grade. She is an excellent student who enjoys schoolwork and completes most of her assignments before coming home.

Please pray for Nevaeh as God unfolds His plan for her life. We know He holds her future in His hands!

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