Sponsor Olivia


Thirteen-year-old Olivia is a bright eyed beauty who usually wears a smile. She’s a quiet, kind-hearted young lady who is naturally shy, but she does come out of her shell once you get to know her.

A few weeks ago, Olivia was blessed to attend Mississippi Senior Camp. She loved the services and was gloriously filled with the Holy Ghost!
Olivia enjoys art and is particularly good at drawing. However, she is developing a love for painting as well. Most recently, she’s been at art camp and she said, “This has been such a fun week of growing and learning!”

We are excited to have Olivia at TCM. She is a newcomer to the Mansion, but she is adjusting nicely. If you would like to sponsor Olivia, you can do so for as little as $15 per month, by completing the form below. She is in need of support and excited about the idea of having sponsors. Please pray for this beautiful girl as she continues to heal and grow while in our care.