Eighteen-year-old Rachel is a cheerful young lady who smiles often and loves to laugh. She is compassionate with others and gentle when helping with younger children. Her dorm responsibility is washing the pots and pans, which can be a great undertaking night after night in a home that feeds nearly twenty people at each meal. However, Rachel does a great job accomplishing her task and is even known for helping others without being asked when she is finished. Rachel likes to keep busy. She has a younger child in her room and has taken her under her wing.

Rachel is currently attending her first semester at community college while finishing up her high school senior year. She is interested in being a teacher who specializes in working with kids who speak another language. She attended a bilingual school the first two years of her schooling, and it had a big impact on her and created her desire to learn other languages and help people who are learning English as a second language.

Rachel has an on campus job in the cafeteria and daycare. She works as much as possible trying to save for college expenses. Both of her supervisors speak highly of her and how helpful and patient she is.

Rachel is a well behaved teen. She is grounded and focused. She has big plans for the future but is taking each day one step at a time. She looks forward to graduation and feels confident that God has amazing plans for her life.

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