Sponsor Sephora

Sweet Sephora is ten years old and has only been in the United States a short time. She was born and raised in an orphanage in the Congo. Worshipping the Lord is Sephora’s passion. She reads her Bible daily. She is still learning English and loves reading. She has little notes and highlighted text all throughout her Bible. She prays on her knees every night before bed. Sephora has a soft heart. She is always willing to help others. One of her talents is braiding hair, and she enjoys fixing the girls’ hair in the dorm. Drawing is another of her talents. She often colors pictures and cards for her housemother. She is shy around people that she doesn’t know but opens up once she’s comfortable. She loves to sing in her native language and perform songs for the dorm. Please continue to pray for Sephora. We know that God has wonderful plans for this precious young lady!

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