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Being dependable is a worthy trait, and this trait describes ten-year-old Trey. He completes his chores without being asked, assists his houseparents with tasks, and volunteers to help his teachers at school. This silly, happy boy exudes love for others just as much as he wants to feel love from others. His smile lights up the room when he enters. Lately, his hobby has been drawing and decorating paper shoes that are the size of his feet!

Trey’s favorite part of the day is attending school as a fourth-grader; however, academics are not always easy for him. He most enjoys the subjects where there are hands-on activities that help him connect the concept being taught to the real world that he sees and experiences. Trey loves to read the I Survived… series of books because they fictionally focus on his favorite subject, which is history. Speaking of school, Trey’s class has been learning their multiplication tables to songs. The table they are currently learning through song is set to a military march. Trey loves to lead this song in front of the class. He says it makes him feel like he is reenacting a part of history while he learns math. 

Trey’s prayer requests include keeping his family safe during this time and getting the Holy Ghost. During devotion and church, Trey can be found worshiping and seeking a relationship with God. Please join with us as we pray for this young man and what God has designed for his future.

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