Paul was born into this world with drugs already pumping through his veins because of his mother’s addiction.

We do not know all of the atrocities that happened to Paul from birth up until the time he was discovered by the authorities as a young child, but we do know from the background report that he was found locked in a room with no clothes, no furniture, no toys and no food.

The only item in the room was a bucket that was meant to be used as a toilet.

His little malnourished body was naked and covered with feces.

Because he had been isolated and alone in that room for such a lengthy period of time, Paul was mute, unable to speak or communicate, and lacked social skills on every level. He had developed nervous ticks that he used as coping mechanisms.

After he was rescued by the authorities and taken in by a relative, we received Paul at the Mansion. With a lot of patience, love, and the power of God, we are seeing amazing, positive changes in this precious little boy.

For weeks, his loving houseparents have taken turns reassuring him and praying over him as he would wake up screaming throughout the night, reliving the traumatic and horrific things that he had once faced! I am happy to report that he is now beginning to sleep peacefully through the night, and, thankfully, so are his houseparents.

He has gone from not being able to function in a classroom without having to nervously pick at his skin or bite his clothes to actively participating and learning.

Paul now has excellent audio skills and loves to touch things. He enjoys his toys (without breaking them) and loves to play in the dirt! He joins in family style meals, uses good manners, and does not fear of going hungry.

This sweet little boy is constantly in motion – a ball of energy.

He loves to give and receive hugs and praises.

He has learned that Jesus loves him.

Paul enjoys church and loves to worship.

Because of Tupelo Children’s Mansion and those who support this great cause, Paul’s life is being transformed!

He is no longer left alone and forgotten. He is learning to trust and feels safe. He now has a future and a hope.

During the next few days, our staff members will be making calls regarding our phoneathon fund-raising campaign.

Our phoneathon this year is to provide additional funding that is needed to care for a growing number of children at the Mansion, nearly twice as many as 18 months ago.
In the past, we have designated the phoneathon support toward a physical project on the campus, such as enhanced security or roofing repairs. However, this year, we are asking for your help with the increasing costs of caring for nearly 50 children.

Thank God, we are here to provide them with the shelter that they so desperately need, as well as food, clothing, an education that is second to none and a loving home environment.
If you would like, you can send in your phoneathon offering ahead of time. You don’t have to wait for our call. Simply complete form below.

Again, thank you for allowing your heart to be touched by this need and for considering a phoneathon donation in support of this urgent appeal.

On behalf of Paul and the children,

Stephen Judd,
President and CEO

NOTE: Paul is not the real name of the child depicted in this appeal, nor is he pictured.