Little Em hates the questions about her home life. She deflects them with vague answers, always hiding the truth - the ugly truth.

Mom has been in and out of drug rehab several times, but after dad died, it went from bad to worse to much worse.

There are no happy Mother’s Days for Em. Merry Christmases? Rare.

It’s one day after another of Mom being drugged out, except for the times when Mom needs more drugs. Then Em, age 12, is forced to drive Mom over to her friend’s house and wait while Mom trades her body for drugs.Then there was the time when Mom chased Em through the yard with a gun to the house next door, threatening to kill her because she thought Em had thrown away her drugs.

Em wonders what it would be like to wear nice clean clothes, to have a home cooked meal every day when she gets home from school, or to have a parent attend an Open House at school.

She wonders what it would be like to have a peaceful home, to not be hungry, dirty, or scared. But she thinks that she will probably never know.

And then, when she is 13, she finds Mom. On the kitchen floor. Dead, from an overdose.

But into the dark world of little Em and her brothers,
a ray of light—a ray of hope—shines through.

They are taken in by their older sister, into her home, to live. Life is changed forever. A warm home. A clean bed. A full belly.

Em doesn’t think it can get any better than this. But it does! Big sister takes her to church. Little Em hears that Jesus loves her, calls her daughter, and wants to be her Father. She is filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost! And everything changes. I should know. I am Em.

It is my privilege to be able to work with these little ones. To speak on their behalf. To ask others to open their hearts to these, the least of these. These in need.

Our phoneathon this year is to provide additional funding that is needed to care for a growing number of children at the Mansion. The average population over the past 15 years has been 31; however, we now have over 60 children in residence, with more on the way. We are currently at capacity. Plans are being made to re-open Cole Morgan Hall in order to take in more children allowing us to serve over 70 children. This will require needed renovations and purchasing furniture for the bedrooms and living area.

In the past, we have designated the phoneathon support toward physical projects like re-roofing buildings and enhancing our security. But this year, as we did last year, we are asking for a phoneathon donation to help with the increasing costs of caring for over 60 children and an additional 10-12 whom we need to be able to receive.

How many more little Ems are out there?
In the dark. In pain. Scared. Hurting.

How many need a safe place to come to? A place to have their hearts bandaged, their bellies filled, their sins forgiven. More than we can even imagine.

Our Mansion theme this year is “I AM A SPARK!” If you can give a phoneathon offering of $100 or more, I will be happy to send you a special T-Shirt with our theme logo on it. You can specify the T-Shirt size on the form below.

Again, thank you for allowing your heart to be touched by this need and for considering a phoneathon donation in support of this urgent appeal.

Tupelo Children’s Mansion is a ray of light in the darkness. Would you consider helping us keep the light on?

On behalf of the little Em’s out there, waiting on you,

Erma Judd
Executive Director

P.S. For your convenience, you can pay your pledge securely by completing the form below.