Giving to Your Favorite Charity

There are hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations like Tupelo Children’s Mansion in America today. Each organization desires to get a portion of the donor dollar available. Everywhere you turn there is a charity “handout” wanting your favor and financial support.

Many people are very generous and willingly give to various causes and missions, which are viable and reasonable. But the question in many minds becomes, “Why do I give to any charity?”



Save Taxes
Qualified donations are deductible on the federal and state income tax return, subject to limitations.

Plan Your Estate
Giving through your estate planning can reduce estate taxes for your surviving family.

Leave A Living Legacy
When you give, you are providing an income for that charity to secure a living legacy for years to come.

Love the Mission
You give to an organization because you believe in the mission and purpose of that organization and want to provide funds for future successes.

Be Rewarded
It has been proven in a study at the University of Oregon that giving provides the brain with a sense of reward.

Feel Satisfied
A German study suggests that people who regularly give are more satisfied than those who don’t give.

Know Happiness
People who give to others tend to have a great feeling of joy and contentment according to a University of Missouri/Columbia study.

Have Less Stress
According to a John Hopkins University study, people who make charitable contributions are more likely linked to reduced rates of stress.

Enjoy Better Health
A wide range of research has linked different forms of generosity to better health, especially to those with chronic illness.

Give to Receive
People who give are more likely to receive back. This promotes a sense of trust that strengthens our ties to others.

Be Biblical
The Bible says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Giving is Scriptural, with many blessings to follow. Don’t miss out on your blessing.


What Can I Give to Tupelo Children's Mansion?

Real Estate
Life Insurance
Life Income Gifts
Retirement Account

For further information or assistance, please contact:
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