Giving Back Was Because Of An Example

By Margo Burton Special Assistant Whether you have children of your own, have nieces and nephews, or work with children in your job, you cannot deny the fact that children learn by your example. As the Tupelo Children’s Mansion (TCM) Alumni Liaison, one of the many joys of this position is to hear that a child took what he learned at the Mansion, and is now doing something for his community, church, or even the world. At TCM, we are in the business of making a difference in children’s lives who against all odds, did not have a chance to grow in their existing environment. As Rachel Moore, a former resident from 1986 to 1990 recently wrote to us:
When I was a resident at TCM, I was Ruth Morales, along with my three sisters: Esther, Sokina, and Locksann, I am thankful to this day for TCM and the ministry it has been in my life. I am active in my church and serving the Lord. I love you all for your dedication to kids in need. Because of you, I was protected, loved, and taught the truth. My son has learned of your blessing in my life and would like to send this donation from his Boy Scout troop. They sold popcorn, and the donation money was given to whoever they felt was in need. Right away he thought about the Mansion. As I teach my son to give, I say “thanks” for giving to me and my sisters. Now we are trying to give back. Much love and prayers!
A huge thank you to the people at the Mansion who had an influence in these four sisters lives.  May we continue to be a positive example to the children who call the Mansion home.  Ask yourself today, have I been a positive example to the children that I influence?