Giving Back!

March 22nd, 2013

BY STEPHEN JUDDTeresa Marie Tomlinson

Teresa Tomlinson is a former resident of Tupelo Children’s Mansion who is giving back to the institution that greatly impacted her life. She is an outstanding teacher serving at our on-campus school, Tupelo Christian Academy.

Here is Teresa’s testimony…

I came to Tupelo Children’s Mansion at the age of 14 after cancer robbed my grandmother of life. I was a frightened and insecure child who was uncertain of the future and this new environment.

Upon arrival, I was introduced to my houseparents and taken to my new room in SFC Hall.

I’ll never forget my first night sleeping there. Though I was somewhat scared, I also felt a tremendous sense of peace.

Now, at age 30, I am proudly employed as a Kindergarten teacher at TCM. It is an honor to make a difference for children who need love and security just like I did as a child.

IMG_1027Thank you for sowing into the Mansion. In doing so, you have sewn great things into my life! I’m so appreciative of everyone who supports this great cause!


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