Haven of Hope Girls’ Home

By Chad A. Parker, LSW Executive Director of Residential Services It started with a burden in the heart of our Pastor and President, Rev. Stephen Judd.  The seed was planted as calls continually flooded Tupelo Children’s Mansion looking for placement for teenage girls in need, girls who needed to be, not just saved from their environment, but saved from themselves.  Call after call, application after application, but the cases were more than what could be serviced on the regular campus of TCM. After much prayer, Pastor Judd presented the idea of Haven of Hope to the Board of Directors of Tupelo Children’s Mansion, and with overwhelming approval, the program was born.  Haven of Hope opened its doors in October of 2004, and received the first girl in January of 2005.  Since that time, Haven of Hope has served nearly 50 girls.
Haven of Hope Girls’ Home is a 12-month behavior modification and support program for teenage girls between the ages of 13 – 16.
The program is specifically structured to help girls with special behavior and emotional needs.  The program consists of a 3-tier system in which the girls will progress as they accomplish specified behavioral and therapeutic goals. Tier 1 - Stabilization The first several months of treatment will focus on stabilization.  During this time, the resident will work on compliance, recognizing her need for help, and establishing a sense of self-worth. Tier 2 - Recovery After stabilization has been accomplished, the resident will be move to Recovery.  This tier of treatment focuses on developing, controlling, and improving behavior and appropriate emotional response skills. Tier 3 - Restoration Restoration will be the focus of the last months of treatment.  During this time, each girl will work on acquiring, internalizing, and maintaining the self-discipline, self-esteem, and dignity that will be required to make reunification successful. This program operates as an extension of TCM Residential Services.  Kathryn Slagle serves as the Program Manager for Haven of Hope.  For questions about placement or more information about the program, you may contact Kathryn via email at kathrynslagle@mansionkids.org or call 662.842.6982.