Zoe is a respectful young lady who is laid back and even-tempered. Her teachers describe her as a good student who works hard to make the grades. She is somewhat a follower but is a good example to her peers. Zoe enjoys drawing, riding her RipStik, playing the guitar, and listening to music. Zoe has a part-time job at the Mansion, cleaning the offices, and she does an excellent job. Zoe recently attended a cooking class on how to make homemade crepes and absolutely loved it. She enjoys cooking and often helps her housemother prepare meals. Kalley Olson, Zoe’s housemother, said, “Zoe is extremely helpful. She is usually the first to offer a hand to others when needed.

In the two-and-a-half years that I’ve had her, she has grown immensely. Zoe has come out of her shell and decided to allow God and other people to make a difference in her life.”

Zoe was recently recognized as our Resident of the Month for her stellar behavior in both the classroom and the dorm. Zoe says, “I am thankful to be at TCM. I have grown so much since my arrival. I truly appreciate all that has been given to me.”

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