Honor to Whom Honor is Due!

Reprinted from yesterday's post on my pastoral blog: Beyond Sunday... We are admonished in the Word of the Lord to give honor to whom honor is due. Today is my beloved father's 89th birthday, and I would like to take this space to brag on him a bit. Although not tall in stature, Edwin Judd is truly a giant of a man and has a tremendous influence on the advancement of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, we often wait until our loved ones have passed on to their Heavenly reward before we bestow upon them the proper honor and recognition that they deserve. How much better if we can let them know how much we appreciate them while they are still with us. Dad is blessed with excellent health and remains very active in life. We are so blessed to still have him with us. For his birthday, he suggested that we could get him a new piece of carry-on luggage, which we did. He's still going strong! Allow me to summarize dad's lifetime of dedicated service to the work of the Kingdom:
  • Served our country in World War II as a chaplain's assistant in China, Burma and India.
  • Answered the call of God to the ministry over 65 years ago.
  • Founded two churches in Shannon, MS and Oregon City, OR; also pastored in Vancouver, WA.
  • During the 40s and into the 60s, served on the faculty of Pentecostal Bible Institute in Tupelo, MS, and as President of Conquerors Bible College in Portland, OR.
  • Had considerable influence, either directly or indirectly, in a number of missionaries answering the call to service. (At one time, a significant percentage of missionaries on the field had attended the Bible College in Portland, and five of the six Regional Directors who are currently serving in Global Missions either sat under dad's teaching or were impacted by the strong missions legacy that he established there.)
  • Perhaps more than any other, had a strong role in introducing the Faith Promise plan of giving for Global Missions to the UPCI, conducting local church missions conferences all over the Pacific Northwest in the 50's & 60's.
  • Has been an active member of the Global Missions Board since 1963 (nearly a half-century).
  • Served for 28 years in Global Missions Administration as Promotional Director, Regional Field Supervisor over Latin America (the first supervisor appointed),  and General Secretary of Global Missions. (The missionaries have a deep respect and appreciation for his dedicated service to them and the cause of missions.)
  • According to T. F. Tenney, former Director of Global Missions, was largely responsible for developing the Partners in Missions program and introducing this new plan of supporting missionaries to the UPCI, resulting in an exponential increase in Global Missions income.
  • Has been considered one of the foremost Bible teachers in the history of the apostolic movement, and is still active in pulpit ministry.
  • Authored numerous articles and several books, including Know Your Pupil which was published while serving in Sunday School leadership.
  • For many years, back in the 50's & 60's, wrote all of the Adult Teacher's Lessons for the Sunday School  curriculum.
  • Served for a number of years on the Parliamentary Committee at General Conference.
  • At 89 years of age, with good health and sound mind, continues to exercise his administrative gifting and skills by serving at Tupelo Children's Mansion as Senior Advisor and Human Resources Manager, and assisting with payroll and budgetary matters. (He also maintains the flower beds, and is known affectionately as "Pappaw Judd" or "Elder" to the precious children and staff at TCM.)
  • An authentic Christian and a great husband and father, who has lived a life of integrity and has modeled servant leadership to all.
Here are a few of today's Facebook posts concerning Dad: GaryKristi Landaw Happy Birthday to a wonderful man of God! We are blessed to know him. Great man and great leader. Ed Kozar Your dad is a great man—a visionary—who worked for God, not personal glory. In seven decades, never a scandal, always a love-based ministry. There ARE wonderful examples for young ministers to emulate and Edwin Judd is one of them. Georgene Cooling-Shalm He is a hero! Scott Sistrunk Sis. Wilma Nix thought Bro. Judd "hung the moon." She called him a "missionaries' friend."  We served as her furlough replacement in 1992. R Everett Davenport Bro. Edwin judd is GOD'S MAN and he has a servants heart. Edna Lamb Nation Edwin Judd is great Man of God! He is one of our 'giants' of the faith. Shirley Leaman A great man of God. A blessing to us all who worked with him. Still looks great too. Bob R. McCool Sr. Happy birthday to a great man. May you have many more. Barbara Westberg Happy birthday, Brother Judd. God bless you for all you have done and continue to do for the Kingdom. Arlene Speakman Happy Birthday to an amazing man of God who continues to labor for the Master. Only eternity will reveal those touched and changed by his example. Ronald Lovins I'd like to look that good when I'm 69. June Hughes We have been privileged to know and work with Bro. Judd for many years. It is always a blessing to be in his presence...such a sharp mind and sweet spirit. Sharon Nelson Happy birthday, Bro. Judd! You are a perfect picture of a good and faithful servant, and are greatly loved and respected by many, many people. Danny Aber What a great man, an example to all of us. Dorsey Burk The veteran missionaries were still talking about Brother Judd's devotion at the 2010 VGMA retreat! Sharon Roam You have been and remain such an inspiration to me and our family. I was so blessed early on to have you as one of my teachers in ministry. The seeds you planted continue to grow. Debbie Foster Saiz Happy Birthday Bro. Judd! You look great! Steve, you and your sister as well as Mark, Tom, and I are blessed to still have our Dads at their ages in such great health...both are still going strong!! Blessed!!! Stuart Churchill What a pillar of faith he has been over the years! Evangeline Rodenbush Happy Birthday, Brother Judd! We love and appreciate you! Was nice to see you at the retreat! Darline Kantola Royer Happy Birthday, friend and teacher. It was delightful to see you at the VGM Retreat. You do stay on the move. Sharon Abernathy Happy Birthday, Brother Judd from Abernathys' in Zambia! We appreciate you so much and hope your day was blessed! Sue Smith Jackson Happy Birthday to a friend we have long admired...for your integrity and work ethic. You will be forever young! Renee Becton Flowers We love and appreciate you and your life you have given to the work of God. Donna K. Flowers Happy Birthday to you. David has told many people..."Bro. Judd is one of the fairest men I know." You were such a blessing to all missionaries. Cylinda Nickel Happy Birthday! Thanks for always being so kingdom minded! You are blessing! Becky Buckland Your life, ministry, and faithful friendship has been one of our treasures down through the years!