How Could This Happen To Such Precious Children?

BY STEPHEN JUDD President Christmas is upon us with its promise of the holidays. There will be school programs, work parties, church banquets, and a variety of other dinners, concerts and family gatherings. We will sing songs about how He came, and we will watch children reenact the Christmas story. We will read about how Jesus came, and when we get to the part where He was turned away, we will wonder, “How could that have happened? How could anyone turn away a soon-to-be-born baby?” I wonder if we realize that He comes to us, still, asking for shelter, food, and safety? Just as baby Jesus was turned away from the inn, many children have been turned away from people who should have taken care of them. They come to us needing shelter, love, and protection. We ask ourselves every day, “How could this happen to such precious children?” At Tupelo Children's Mansion we say—unlike the innkeeper—"Welcome, come on in; let us make you feel right at home." We can do that because of supporters like you.

As I walked away from a recent Case Review meeting, my heart was hurting.

As I walked away from a recent Case Review meeting, my heart was hurting. The abuse and turmoil that these children face prior to being placed here is unfathomable. What is even more disturbing is that they have suffered these atrocities at the hands of those that should have loved them the most—their families. As each child was discussed, I heard stories of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and extreme deprivation and poverty. One young lady lived in a home where there was no hot water, and was only allowed bathe once a week. Other young girls endured rape, prostitution, and physical abuse that had resulted in emotional breakdown. How could this happen to such precious children? Although I was overwhelmed with sadness, there was also a reassuring comfort that they are with us now. They are safe, loved, and provided for. They are learning about how much God truly cares about them. They have food to eat, clothes to wear, and hot water. They go to sleep each night without the fear of being inappropriately touched or beaten when they misbehave. They have a refuge. Will you help us bring Christmas to those whom Jesus referred to as “the least of these"? In bringing love to them, we bring it to Him. In providing a shelter of safety and provision, we offer it to Him. When you prayerfully consider what you can give, please be reminded that there are no small needs. There are no small gifts. Every gift helps meet every need.   For more information on how you can support Tupelo Children's Mansion, go to You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @stephenjudd @ermajudd @mansionkids