“I Ain’t Nobody’s Nothing!”

By Stephen Judd President During the terrible days of the London blitz at the beginning of World War II, an eight-year-old boy was found sobbing amid the smoking ruins of a burned-out building. The boy was asked where his father was. "He's overseas in the service," the child answered. "What about your mother, brothers, sisters?" "I don't have any," was the boy's reply. "They have all been killed." "Any relatives, grandparents, anybody?" The boy responded negatively. The rescuer then stooped down nearer to the child's face and asked, "Son, who are you?" Sobbing convulsively, the boy said with a quivering voice, "Mister, I ain't nobody's nothing." So many of the children that we work with at Tupelo Children's Mansion are suffering with little or no self-esteem. The greatest gifts that we can give them are the two gifts of dignity and respect. May we somehow help them to see them as God sees them, and to understand that their true worth is based on the value that God places upon them. Only then will they cease to be "nobody's nothing" and become "somebody's something."