“If It Had Not Been For TCM…”

BY STEPHEN JUDD Several days ago, Teresa Tomlinson-Hall, a former TCM resident, posted her testimony on Facebook. With her permission, I am sharing it here, as follows: "January 7th was my adoption birthday!Teresa 2 (1 of 1) "If it had not been for Tupelo Children's Mansion, my life would have taken a much different path. The TCM President, Rev. Stephen Drury, took a chance and accepted two placement applications for my sister and me. While we were not perfect, we were molded by several great sets of houseparents. I went from a child who was scared and insecure to a young lady with self-confidence. The hurt that scared my heart eventually subsided. I was in a safe and secure environment that allowed me to attend church, play with dolls, and be a regular kid without the stress of my past. "My last house parents, Robert and Annette Tomlinson, decided to become my forever parents. I can never express my full appreciation for all that they did. Rev. Marvin Walker, who was the President at that time, stood by my new family as we walked down the adoption pathway. The current President and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Judd, have always been there for our family. They were even present as I began my marriage, the most recent chapter of my life.photo "To say that TCM changed the course of my life is almost an understatement. I would like to say 'thank you' to all that made a difference in my life through TCM. You truly were a blessing to me. "I would like to challenge all of my friends to be a blessing to a child that is hurting, like I was so many years ago. You can sponsor a child at the Mansion for as little as $15 per month, and make a difference that really counts!" To sponsor a child, please call our Sponsor Relations Department at 662-791-7726, or you can enroll on line at: https://mansionkids.org/give/mansion-kid-sponsor/