“I’m Never Going Back Home!”

By Stephen Judd, TCM President “I’m never going back home.” A teary-eyed little boy at the Mansion spoke these words as he was being tucked into bed. Travis had just learned that his parents had failed to show up at a recent court hearing. As our caring staff tried to comfort him, he blurted out,  “I’m okay with being here at the Mansion, but I could be going home if they had just shown up to say they wanted me.”Cristina The other day, one of our teenage girls, Kayla, found out that her parents were not coming to get her, as had been expected. The father told our case manager that they had decided that they didn’t want her. Often, our children at the Mansion will tell us that they are just glad to be someplace where they are wanted.
Can you imagine the devastating pain and heartache of feeling such rejection and abandonment?
Some of our children seldom, if ever, hear from their parents, or any relatives for that matter. Days go by, weeks, and even months, without a letter or phone call, let alone a visit. Please click on the following link to continue reading... https://mansionkids.org/v/christmasAppeal2012.pdf