Jesus, You Love Me!

By Brad Laughlin Administrative Assistant As a 16 year veteran of the Tupelo Children Mansion, I have seen many “firsts” in the lives of the children that God has placed in the care of this great institution. Whether it was the first time they repented, or even their first bicycle, I have been impacted and shared in the joy they experienced as God’s blessings have been poured out in their lives. I tour frequently with an eleven-year old boy named Sebastian. I was there when he sang his first solo with the children’s tour group. I was acting as relief supervisor in his resident home when he came in late one night after a children’s crusade, boldly proclaiming that he had received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  And then this past Sunday, I was present when he sang the very first song that he had written, “Jesus, You Love Me”. With the help of 5 other Mansion kids, he belted out the words to song that God gave him with sincerity and clarity. Such a simple, yet powerful message that so desperately needs to reach into the heart of each child that comes our way. Jesus, you love me…I know you care.