Kids Giving to Kids – Books for Mansion Kids

Emma, Rissa, and Jaida Staten have been living overseas for nine years with their parents as missionaries in the Republic of Georgia. They are now back in the states and are excited about new ways they can help in the Kingdom.11216576_10206762131390478_8449640404741422389_n They have recently taken on two Mansion kids through monthly sponsorship, but they want to do more! They want to all they can to help all of our children at TCM. Please help them meet (and exceed) their goal of $3000 worth of books for the mansion kids! Through donation matching, this means they need $2000 in donations and they will receive a donation match with $1000 more. Donation matches are limitless, so let's exceed their goal! What does this mean for you? They need 100 people to donate $20 to help them meet their goal! You can help! Simply head to their donation page and give your $20 (or more) to help send books to Tupelo Children's Mansion.
Then, spread the word! Let your friends know that they can help too! Let's show these kids the power of giving!