Maggie, Cristina & Chris

BY MARGO BURTON SPECIAL ASSISTANT Once again I am reminded why we have worked at Tupelo Children’s Mansion now for 23 years .This last summer, we had the privilege of seeing one of the many sibling groups that we have at Tupelo Children’s Mansion, take a step into the next chapter of their lives. Maggie, Cristina, and Chris all made some major accomplishments that we are all proud of today. Maggie finished a year of college at Itawamba Community College while she worked full-time. She also walked down the aisle by her little brother to be married as her two siblings stood beside her at the altar. All were touched to see this family together to share in this great event. Cristina not only graduated from high school, but she also graduated from the Itawamba Nursing Assistant Program. Cristina faithfully went to class at the community college as she finished up her senior year at Tupelo Christian Academy. Chris had the privilege of going to Honduras in July with the Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International.  Before Chris left he said, “My constant prayer was that I would truly realize what I have, to not just look with my eyes, but to see with my heart. Chris sincerely said that he had lost his focus of where God had brought him from. He was more interested in material things instead of the things of God. When he arrived back to the states he expressed, “I have returned home a truly changed person. I am sincerely grateful for TCM and all that this ministry has done for me and my three siblings. I would still love the luxury of a cell phone, but I know that those things will come in God’s time, and that He knows whether or not if I am ready to accept the responsibility. I am so eager to start college and I see my future through totally different eyes. I can’t wait to see what God wants for me! As you can see, we are all proud of these young people who have taken what life has placed before them and have obeyed God to make a successful future. Obviously they think about their past, but they do not let it hinder them from their walk with God and what he has in store for them. And that is the exact reason why we have ministered to young people for 23 years, who by no fault of their own were dealt a horrible past, but we have seen God somehow in His infinite wisdom, form them into great young people for His kingdom!