Mansion Sunday – November 6th!

By Stephen Judd President Mansion Sunday, November 6th, is a special day set aside in conjunction with "National Orphan Sunday" that specifically focuses on Tupelo Children's Mansion. Churches across the nation will share the heartbeat of the Mansion by utilizing the media and print resources found at Each participating church is encouraged to do three things:  Inspire their congregation with the mission of the Mansion, pray for the children and the staff, and receive a special sacrificial offering on November 6th to bless the children at TCM. Pastors will be receiving  a Mansion Sunday resource packet that will include promotional video clips, sermon builder, Sunday school lesson, children's coloring sheet, power point slides, songs and soundtracks,  bulletin insert and quick facts and history about the Mansion—everything needed to have a successful Mansion Sunday. What others are saying: "Mickey and I are committed to Tupelo Children's Mansion and Mansion Sunday. We are not only supporting this special day on November 6th with an offering from the Pentecostals of Alexandria, but Mickey and I will be personally supporting it as well. I challenge everyone to make this a special gift that the kids and 'our' Mansion will never forget." - Anthony Mangun "I'm excited about Mansion Sunday. I think it's an idea whose time has come. This is the second year for Mansion Sunday and I know that collectively we're going to be able to make a great impact and touch many lives through Tupelo Children's Mansion. Join us in giving a sacrificial offering on Mansion Sunday, November 6th." - Ron Becton "God's plan is to see the need, hear the call and open our arms. That's what Mansion Sunday is all about—taking a designated time to pause in the rush of our lives and do the work of God's rescue. We can't all take a child into our own home, feed, clothe, educate and disciple them, but we can provide a home, and through Tupelo Children's Mansion, that's exactly what we do. I want to encourage you to pause for just a moment and feel the heartbeat of God. Open your heart, arms and hand, and help to rescue the children. November 6th, Mansion's God's plan for rescue." - Rachel Coltharp Let's join together on November 6th and make this the most amazing event in Mansion history.   For more information on how you can support Tupelo Children's Mansion, go to Follow us on Twitter: @mansionkids @stephenjudd @ermajudd