My Birthday Wish!

I will be celebrating my 59th birthday on June 16th. In anticipation of this event, Erma and my daughters, Tamisha and Tamara, have been asking me what I want for my birthday. After giving it some thought, I honestly couldn't think of a thing that I need or want. Of course, I could always use a dozen golf balls, but that doesn't seem like an appropriate birthday gift. After all, with my game, they won't be with me long. I couldn't even think of a book that I have been wanting. I already have about a dozen books downloaded (or is it uploaded) to my iPad that I haven't started reading yet. I probably need to read those before I get any more. I don't really need any new clothes. Besides, I need to lose 10 more pounds before I shop for new clothes. And then I had an idea! What about if I asked my family and friends to wish me a happy birthday by making a donation to Tupelo Children's Mansion? I've heard of folks giving up their birthdays to provide water for children in Africa; why not ask my friends to support this home for children from hard places, right here in America? If you would like to get involved in my birthday campaign, and make a difference in the life a child at Tupelo Children's Mansion, please go to The default giving category is already set to "President's Birthday Wish." You can give $59.00, $5.90, $590.00, or any other amount. Each gift will be appreciated and used carefully to bless this great work! Will you help me reach my goal of $5,000? I realize that many of you that read this blog give regularly to the Mansion; however, the work continues and the needs are great. More and more children are coming to us! And we cannot turn them away! Thanks for helping me help the children! If you want to send a donation, rather than give online, please send to: Tupelo Children's Mansion, President's Birthday Campaign, PO Box 167, Tupelo, MS 38802-0167.