By Erma Judd Special Assistant/Campus Mom During our Annual Board of Directors meeting in February, I always plan activities and a luncheon with a speaker for our board wives.  It is always a fun and enjoyable time. Connie Bernard was ready to speak to us, but unfortunately we had a snow and ice storm move in, and the board meeting and our luncheon had to be cut short.  Sis. Bernard had to leave early to catch a flight out before the airport closed due to the weather. We had a few minutes before everyone had to leave, and I asked Rachel Cole, the founder’s daughter of TCM, to speak for a few minutes. Following are the highlights of her “remembrance." “During the summer following my first year of Bible College, a beautiful little blonde, brown-eyed, two-year-old 'cast-a-way' came into our home.  She could not talk and could hardly walk due to neglect and malnutrition.  In fact, it took a while for her to understand that food was served on a plate from the table and not dug from the neighborhood garbage cans.  I shall never forget how quickly she adapted to her new life with us.  With my parents’ love, attention and understanding, she soon began talking nonstop, and the jerky steps became strong and sure.  We fell in love with her immediately. “For various reasons, my father felt it unwise to adopt Nancy at that time.  Later agreement was reached by all concerned to allow adoption to a childless couple who went to our church.  They promised to raise Nancy in the church.  That promise was soon forgotten, and we lost contact with Nancy. “Needless to say, my father’s conscience smote him.  Although there was nothing to be done about Nancy, he began to have a vision of a home for these homeless ‘cast-a-ways'. Sleepless nights became too numerous to ignore as God dealt with him as the burden began to grow. “So, he resigned his church and started traveling all over the country to raise money to start a home for homeless children.  He would sleep in his car, eat a minimum amount of food, and trim his own hair to cut down on expenses. He wanted every penny to go toward the home. His zeal drove him almost beyond human strength as he visited over 340 churches in almost one calendar year, on behalf of his dream.” Nancy was what motivated T. C. Montgomery. She gave him such a passion to start the Mansion.
One man—one passion fulfilled!
When I think about Bro. Montgomery, it makes me wonder what I am doing with my passion, and what God is stirring in my heart to do for Him.