Not Just Your Typical Teenager

By Margo Burton Special Assistant While most teenagers have plans for their sixteenth birthday party, Mariah had plans all her own. Instead of dreaming about the gifts that she would receive, or the car that she would love to drive, she was dreaming about how she could donate money to children in need.  When she first mentioned it  to her mother, her mother was shocked and touched as well. Mariah was always taught to pray for whatever she wanted or needed. She learned to pray for a place to live, a car, and even a new daddy. Mariah learned that life did not come easily, so she decided to help those who were less fortunate as she once was as a young girl.
On April 3, 2010, Mariah was in a severe accident.
She found herself in the hospital with extensive injuries after flipping her ATV. The family heard the doctors say that she should have died or at least have been paralyzed from the neck down.  After two months, this little miracle surprised her family, as well as the doctors. Today we are thankful that this miracle who we see in a sixteen- year-old, is blessing hundreds of children at the Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Mariah could have had all of the presents that most look forward to, but instead she chose to have her friends and family bring money to be given to the Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Thank you Mariah, not only are you a miracle from a medical standpoint, but you are a huge miracle in the eyes of every child at TCM! We love you, Mariah, as well as all of our supporters who give each day.