One Call Can Help Make a Difference

By Ken Burton Vice President &  Director of Financial Development It is time again for our annual spring phone-a-thon. We take this time to call our friends and sponsors to personally thank them for their generous support.  Each year, there are needs that could not be funded without our phone-a-thon. This year, we have had to take a different approach to our project. In the past two years, we have seen our food prices increase dramatically. Some of our food items increased 30 – 50%.  Milk increased 25%, and bread increased 35%. Some of our items had to be taken off of our menus because they became cost prohibitive.  We are changing brands and doing every cost-saving measure that we can. But this is still not enough. Our project for this year’s phone-a-thon is to raise money to help defray the increasing cost of our food expense. If you would like to help with this need, you can call us at 662.842.6982. A small donation of $10, $20, or more, would help tremendously.  One call can help make a difference.