Ouch! What a Blessing

By Annette Tomlinson, Sponsor Relations Coordinator Recently, three of TCM’s residents traveled to Katy, TX to have their wisdom teeth removed. Though the idea of having your teeth surgically removed is not appealing, the residents had a great time. We left Tupelo, on a Friday at 8:00 A.M., and after 15 hours, several stops, an impromptu bible study, and lots of laughter, we arrived at Dr. Wiggin’s home for the three teenager’s last good meal for several days.  After several large burgers were consumed, we made our way to the Wiggin’s property in the countryside. At a beautiful home surrounded with pecan trees, we found such a time of rest and peace. The next morning after not being able to eat past midnight, the residents were a bit nervous about what was about to happen. We arrived at the Dr.’s office and were greeted by several of his friendly staff that immediately put their fears at ease. After just a couple of hours, they were done with the procedure. With mouths full of gauze and groggy from the anesthetic, we headed back to the country home to rest. After a lengthy nap, the boys were ready for some entertainment, but were content to stay at the house and put together puzzles and play games. Skylar was content to just lounge on the couch. The next day there was no keeping them inside. The boys wandered around the 29 acres chasing armadillos, searching out snakes and lizards, collecting pecans, and picking oranges. Dr. Wiggins brought in a soft lunch that the residents vigorously consumed. What was supposed to be a not-so-pleasant experience, turned out to be a great time, and the kids were not ready to leave. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Dr. Wiggins and his staff, we all had a great time!